Life ain’t for the broken-hearted

Sometimes, life leads us to a point,

where we are ought to choose

between our heart and everything else.

And often we make the mistake.

Sometimes we repent by not going with our heart,

sometimes we regret for choosing it,

as sometimes its hard to tell,

hey, I am sorry, I didn’t judge the situation well.

And all these leave many hearts broken.

For all those broken hearts, life has

a message. A magic potion to mend the broken.

Life says, Jaane bhi do yaaro.

Let it be, for you have a lot to see.

I second this philosophy.

I say, to hell with all those bad memories.

To hell with all the days of being regretful.

I am not perfect neither are you.

Life is giving me a chance and so to you.

Live life, move on and stop sobbing

for you have to live and so do I.

Like Baba Bon Jovi meant, Life ain’t for the broken-hearted.

It’s your life. Live how you wanna.

It’s my life, I live how I wanna.


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