When I evolves into We

What have I become to see O Father!, the unrest in the men today.
Have I forgotten the single sighted vision of the men then
whose unrest shook the very foundation of the evil conquerors?
I am lost in the fancies, mere individual whose unrest meets no vision.
Aimless I am leading a miserable life.
I pleaded for a life during the tyranny to shed by blood.
Today, the time has come again O Father! when all like I come forth you.

We seek Thy presence in us to unite us with one vision.
We seek Thy presence in us to rise together, to direct our unrest to destroy the remains of the evil foundation that has prevailed.
We were the land where to give, to care, to love prevailed, free with no shackles.
We shall lead us into the golden age, breathe in the free.
We shall see the flowers blossom in the bright ray of light under the one skin of humanity. Show us Thy path as We march forward.


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