Whispers and you

Chills down the spine

Thoughtless mind

Pink cherry blossoms

White Ghosts

Pricking sensation in eyes

Shadowed light

Red couch

Ripples and reflection

Reflexes of the nerves

Swaying of the head

Yellow walls

Whispers and you


When I evolves into We

What have I become to see O Father!, the unrest in the men today.
Have I forgotten the single sighted vision of the men then
whose unrest shook the very foundation of the evil conquerors?
I am lost in the fancies, mere individual whose unrest meets no vision.
Aimless I am leading a miserable life.
I pleaded for a life during the tyranny to shed by blood.
Today, the time has come again O Father! when all like I come forth you.

We seek Thy presence in us to unite us with one vision.
We seek Thy presence in us to rise together, to direct our unrest to destroy the remains of the evil foundation that has prevailed.
We were the land where to give, to care, to love prevailed, free with no shackles.
We shall lead us into the golden age, breathe in the free.
We shall see the flowers blossom in the bright ray of light under the one skin of humanity. Show us Thy path as We march forward.

The last step

You have had a hundred trials

Creeps in the urge to give up

You make a mess connecting every dot

Every ridicule pushes you down, hold on

You are the master of your thoughts

Don’t give up this could be all you need

You who has held yourself together

Lose not your patience this time

You know what you are

Don’t get bogged down

You take the step once more

For this may be the one needed, the last step

The loved

Sometimes you get so close to someone you don’t care about the relationship anymore,
Its only the feeling of love and care you express for the other.
You make every sorrows of theirs yours, you share every happiness.
you live to able to care and make the other smile. You care like a brother, you worry like a mother, you stay beside like a friend, you correct like a teacher. In the innocence when they lose their composure you smile.
There are times you like to be their shadows. Stay behind to support if they fall.
At times you go beyond your reach to make all they wish reach em. At times too selfish and possessive, stopping all from reaching em.
With loads of love friends, brothers, sisters if I may live long I wish to live beside you every day, for I find peace and happiness in you.


You think, rethink and find a way to cheer the life up. You follow the way. What comes forth could either bring a smile, content or not. The key is to expect nothing but to just follow the thoughts that comes from the inside.

the turning point

Sharp, short and omniscient,

that moment every unanswered

query in my mind had a solution.

Lingered in the satiated feeling,

joy to embark on a new voyage,

the thoughts in mind, with the happiness in my

heart, dancing to the myriad chimes of the air around.

The feeling of having achieved something,

the feeling of making many souls happier,

its amazing, that one point in time.

Who knows when such point may come again

in life to tinker the dead thoughts again.

The turning point of ones life.

Shun the Fear

Fear destroys the toughest of man,
your biggest enemy,
it chains you by the shackles of
a non existent belief of being
wrong, being rejected, bring broken.

It makes your mind believe what
may never happen.
It makes you judge before a trial.
It weakens your will, your belief.

Shun the fear, shun the fear,
drive fear away as it is your biggest enemy.

Hold Thee hand, follow Thee path
have no fear for He has held you.
Surrender to Him, the master of all.

Shun the fear, shun the fear
go ahead with belief in Thee
and thy shall see no reason to fear.

Your Perspective

You see the world beneath

shrinking as you fly high.

Well the world below is not

the one changing but

it’s your perspective which broadens.

The problems in our life

would seem to be smaller

following this virtue.

Step back and change your perspective

towards any problem with

a broader vision, a broader mind.

Reduce the biggest problems

to an infinitesimally smaller one

and see the problem disappear.

Life ain’t for the broken-hearted

Sometimes, life leads us to a point,

where we are ought to choose

between our heart and everything else.

And often we make the mistake.

Sometimes we repent by not going with our heart,

sometimes we regret for choosing it,

as sometimes its hard to tell,

hey, I am sorry, I didn’t judge the situation well.

And all these leave many hearts broken.

For all those broken hearts, life has

a message. A magic potion to mend the broken.

Life says, Jaane bhi do yaaro.

Let it be, for you have a lot to see.

I second this philosophy.

I say, to hell with all those bad memories.

To hell with all the days of being regretful.

I am not perfect neither are you.

Life is giving me a chance and so to you.

Live life, move on and stop sobbing

for you have to live and so do I.

Like Baba Bon Jovi meant, Life ain’t for the broken-hearted.

It’s your life. Live how you wanna.

It’s my life, I live how I wanna.

Cry of the soul

I am born on Earth, a world, now ruled by humans.
In Humans I am too. But I am no ruler.
Humans believe in the creator, The Almighty.
I believe in Him too. He created this world and us.
He created an unimaginable, unfathomable life culture.
Humans learned to live, trying to fathom the unfathomable.
I fathom none. I have no desires. I pray to The Almighty,
like any other but only to praise His creation and protect 
the ones who are shadowed by the black clouds,
clouds of chaos and sheer havoc.
To quench the needs of a strong penchant,
humans crossed the lines drawn by Him.
I am in every human. I am the god given soul.
To find I is what human needs.
Shadowed by the chaotic minds,
I have been forgotten, hidden within 
the deep bounds of human.