Old School Water Colour Style

My recently done Photoshop work. Hope you guys like it. Well about the colors I choose, there has been a little thought process, to make it look like a school work. And the dress that the lady is wearing, the color combo is still a debatable topic. 🙂 Just like it, if you like it.


the 3D IDEA

This is work is due to  motivation by friends. I used came back to designing with “photoshop” after a long time. Well as I had no idea of what to do. I thought its better to start simple. Also I wanted to fill the rough times with colors. And after finishing this one, I am more confident. And guys the later ones are going to be brighter for sure 🙂


Smile needs no introduction, no body and no conclusion. Its pure bliss. Look at them. I am sure they bring smile to your face too. After all smile is contagious. Did you smile today ?

  Photos Courtesy : Google Images, Collage: Picasa 3

Chaos ??

Not posted something for a sometime so, i thought I would start with one of my latest work. Do comment on the image below. I want to know what can you make out :D.

Pencil sketch painted digitally

These are some sketches, i had made during my high school, digitally painted. Well I always wanted to finish up my sketches and paintings but never did. So I thought let me try them painting using photoshop.

My all time favorite super hero super man.

The Kingfisher I guess 🙂

The lady playing the veena !!!

The love birds. I call this U and I 😀 but i don’t know why are they not looking at each other :D….

And this is something I really like. Well this is not my sketch but I painted it. 😀

Hope you all like them. 🙂

Creativity at its best

Yesterday I got an email from my friend titled “Pencil vs Camera”. I was wondering as to what it was. Well as I opened the mail I was amazed by seeing the images in it. So I thought I should share it with everyone. Well the images below are just beautiful work of creativity. Courtesy Belgian artist Ben Heine.

To find out more of his creative art work check out his gallery at






Your own Wallpaper

Hey friends!! have you ever thought of having your own wallpaper put up in your desktops. Well don’t worry if you can’t design one. I will do it for you. So, just send me your specifications i.e. what you want in your wallpaper.

Say you want your name in a particular background. Or may be you want a quote or your favorite saying or colors you like to see in your desktop.

I have keen interest in designing wallpapers. I have done a few already and many coming up. Check them out in the “fotoshop” page in the blog ( https://soumajitpal.wordpress.com/fotoshop/ ).

Here is one i created for my friend “Vikas” with his name and an abstract black background with few bullet holes!!

Bored f Studying…

Before one of my mathematics exam I got so bugged that I created this wallpaper for my desktop.

This is not wright though. Ha Ha!!

Not Really!!!