Mighty Ocean

i see the rutilant sun
as it sinks beneath the horizon
reflecting its presence 
on the vast blue ocean.
golden turns the ripples.
oh, what a sight.
far from my sight
i see the fishermen 
with their sailing boats
passing the golden ripples,
a scenic delight for every eye.
at night when the moon shines
sparkling white above the roaring ocean,
the beauty of the white waves
go beyond expression.
I cherish to be able to witness
the dusk and night
and then i wait. 
the roaring sound of the waves
abate as i hear the chirps of the birds,
the night sky disappears
with the bright, slowly rising sun.
i close my eyes, 
i breathe the air,
i pray to Thee,
for he has shown me,
helped me sail ,the day.
i look at the ocean, 
i see many sailing boats,
with a smile on my face 
and belief in my heart
i kiss the ocean adieu for the day.


I see the rising sun
A hope of life to many
I trust its presence
Even though it’ll set
I pray to thee
To help me sail the day
I believe  in Him
Even though I can’t see
I see the people
Fighting for their existence
I smile, I look at me
For I am doing the same
I feel the breeze
I believe it will stay
Even though its always moving
It’s a day
Like any other, never tired
It keeps coming
You got to believe in it