Excerpts from the weird writings day

Some of my weird writings for passing time, which I wrote laying on my bed, when I skipped work due to back pain this Wednesday.

“Hello” answered she when I called. A silence of happiness lingered in the moment. Even time bid goodbye. “Hello” answered she again. The smile seemed to stretch on my face.  “Hello” answered she again. Harsh she was this time  but yet mellow. The first drop of my tears gained momentum and fell. Tears rolled down the small crater on my cheeks created by my smile. “Who is it” yelled she, now. With nothing to speak all that she could probably hear was my heart, beating, pumping in love for her. This moment where I was lost in the beauty of her face, imagining if she were here beside me. “Is it you” spoke she and the moment came alive. Time seemed to have come by, giving me another chance. Chance to be with her. I could hear her say my name and say “please come home…”, I could hear the pain in her cry she had gone through without me. For I left her alone in the world. Helpless I was, helpless I am for time took away something which belonged to her, from me. “I can never return” I said crying in pain. “I am sorry” I said and hung the phone. For she can live waiting for me, cursing me for I left her but can’t live if I die in her arms. Smiling with the ecstasy of listening to her I left the world with a hole in my heart which only belonged to her.

Why do we call an orange orange ? Is it the color orange that we refer to when we see an orange or is it the fruit we refer to. Basically what if an orange wouldn’t have been orange, then would we still call it an orange. There can be two possibilities to it. Say that an orange was actually blue, then we would either call it blue or it would still be called an orange. Now if we call an orange which is blue an orange aren’t we doing wrong ? What if we call it blue. Yes, this is fine now, we call an orange which is blue as blue. But then would we call the sky as blue or orange. Since we know that the sky is blue we will call it blue but then why are we calling the orange as blue. Its weird. Its confusing ain’t it ? Now there are cases where an orange which is actually an orange but it is not orange. Like the orange which is green. So we call it a green orange. Isn’t this weird now. How can we call an orange green orange ? On the first place if it is an orange why will it be green. Secondly if is green then why is it still an orange. Man its confusing.

Wait for two more crappy writings from the weird writings day !! 🙂