Creativity at its best

Yesterday I got an email from my friend titled “Pencil vs Camera”. I was wondering as to what it was. Well as I opened the mail I was amazed by seeing the images in it. So I thought I should share it with everyone. Well the images below are just beautiful work of creativity. Courtesy Belgian artist Ben Heine.

To find out more of his creative art work check out his gallery at





Your own Wallpaper

Hey friends!! have you ever thought of having your own wallpaper put up in your desktops. Well don’t worry if you can’t design one. I will do it for you. So, just send me your specifications i.e. what you want in your wallpaper.

Say you want your name in a particular background. Or may be you want a quote or your favorite saying or colors you like to see in your desktop.

I have keen interest in designing wallpapers. I have done a few already and many coming up. Check them out in the “fotoshop” page in the blog ( ).

Here is one i created for my friend “Vikas” with his name and an abstract black background with few bullet holes!!