the 3D IDEA

This is work is due to  motivation by friends. I used came back to designing with “photoshop” after a long time. Well as I had no idea of what to do. I thought its better to start simple. Also I wanted to fill the rough times with colors. And after finishing this one, I am more confident. And guys the later ones are going to be brighter for sure 🙂


Your own Wallpaper

Hey friends!! have you ever thought of having your own wallpaper put up in your desktops. Well don’t worry if you can’t design one. I will do it for you. So, just send me your specifications i.e. what you want in your wallpaper.

Say you want your name in a particular background. Or may be you want a quote or your favorite saying or colors you like to see in your desktop.

I have keen interest in designing wallpapers. I have done a few already and many coming up. Check them out in the “fotoshop” page in the blog ( ).

Here is one i created for my friend “Vikas” with his name and an abstract black background with few bullet holes!!