Friend, it’s a very common yet an intriguing word. Well it’s not because that it starts with the letter “F” but because it is used to define someone who basically owns your life as much as you do. Most of you who has a friend would agree with me. I am not going to talk about the qualities of a friend; of course I can’t because every friend is a different one and special. We don’t talk about their qualities.

But I guess you will all agree that the only number that we want our mom to know apart from ours is our friends, because moms believe more on them. 🙂 They know what, when and how to speak to moms. In short they are like the second son, and I still can’t figure out that why do moms trust them more than us (it’s not true though 🙂 ). Okay friends don’t think that you can reach the cloud nine as of yet let me flatter more about you. You approach you friend for everything, may it be your class assignment or your seminar. The gifts you wanna buy for your girlfriend is also decided by your friend, common I guess many of us have done that. Really it must be a pain being a friend; well no one would agree on this because it’s not. He takes care of you when you are sad, he cajoles you to do his work, he fights with you, and he shares his happiness, sorrows.

When you stand in front of the class for a presentation, you look at him sitting in front, staring and you ask him without telling anything and his eyes say “Good dude!! Keep going”, though he might be in some other world. Now that’s a confidence booster. You wanna bunk the class and he is ready to do the same, just to hang out. Sometimes if also happens that both the friends hit on the same girl in the class. Well both of them obviously are not serious. They are best together.

We say during an important event a friend will leave all his engagements and be a part of yours, well its bullshit. You won’t let that happen as we want our friends to be shining in their life. Having said that we will call him months earlier and make sure he has no engagements during your precious event and also warn him that he will be dead if he doesn’t reach on time. Well that’s friendship.

How much ever good we are we always call our best buddies with some or the other unorthodox, colloquial slang. And that’s what makes the relation stronger because there is no ego between friends. In short they are two sides of a coin.

Friend, friend, friend you are not so easy to put down in few lines,

for you are the jewel whose price cannot be judged.

You are the one who cannot be described but you

Can be experienced with the divine relation of friendship.

 Friends Rock !!! Have a great time with your friends 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂