I dream.

Dream of a place where there are no killings.

A place where people realize the value of a life.

I dream.

Dream of a day when the sky is visible clear blue.

When it is free of the smoke clouds formed due human’s growing desire.

I dream.

Dream of a land which is lush green.

A land where we can grow enough to feed the needy.

I dream.

Dream of a system.

System where the rich don’t get richer while the poor remain poor.

I dream.

Dream of a society. A society which believes in equality.

Where the word caste and creed makes no significance.

I dream.

Dream of a life.

A life in which love commands the existence of the being.

I dream.


KONY 2012

Well the video, the compassion of the people speaks a lot. Its a request to each and every human to fight against people like KONY. Stand up, rise and make the  world aware of the evil and havoc caused by a few unsatisfied, heartless humans. Together the world can STOP ones like KONY. This is not only about one nation but its about humanity.

As your contribution to the KONY 2012 mission pledge to help bring Kony to justice. Follow link http://www.kony2012.com/

Know more about Invisible Children http://www.invisiblechildren.com/