Journey of Life !! (Part II)

Its hard to learn
that all the love and hatred,
happiness and sorrows
are just a part of life but not life.

It is simply nothing
but something we need to overlook
as the journey of life continues.

Try and see the broader
aspect of this journey as
memories eventually fade out.
Its just an amuse we need to “beware” of.

Every moment this journey unfolds
before us something known as “Divine”.
It is this Divinity we
are actually searching for
knowingly or unknowingly.

Surrender yourself to Thee
and you can never be affected
by any memories.
Give all you have you think is yours
to Thee and Thy shall
understand the meaning of this
journey – the Life!!.


Journey of Life!! (Part I)


There comes a time in life

when we find ourselves in the crossroads.

Trying to figure out

which path to take.

Some follow their heart

while some toss a coin.

Most of them seek the advice of others

while a few move on with whatever comes forth them.

Amidst all the confusion and

anxiety of starting a new journey

we forget the road

we had taken to reach the crossroads.

From the new road taken

while we are continuing

the beautiful journey of life

spare a little time to remember

the Friends and foes,

the Laughter and sorrows you shared with them

to reach where you are today.

We will indeed find them

to be the best days

we had in our life.

Frame every joyous moment of life

as these sweet memories

becomes a reason for us

to smile in the dismal times of our life.

to be continued…