The loved

Sometimes you get so close to someone you don’t care about the relationship anymore,
Its only the feeling of love and care you express for the other.
You make every sorrows of theirs yours, you share every happiness.
you live to able to care and make the other smile. You care like a brother, you worry like a mother, you stay beside like a friend, you correct like a teacher. In the innocence when they lose their composure you smile.
There are times you like to be their shadows. Stay behind to support if they fall.
At times you go beyond your reach to make all they wish reach em. At times too selfish and possessive, stopping all from reaching em.
With loads of love friends, brothers, sisters if I may live long I wish to live beside you every day, for I find peace and happiness in you.


Almost Heaven

Lost in the pandemonium in life

and surrounded by the thoughts

I find a jagged thought haunting me

reminding me the very purpose of my existence

is nothing but to find my ways out

of the so called grandeur life.

To find the simple truth, that we often

ignore among all the flashy colors around.

I deny the thoughts that creep in,

in search of the almost heaven.

To find the love my heart craves for,

to find someone waiting for me

after I fight my way back home

from the thorny clutches of the world.

Someone I could rely on,

with whom I can feel loved,

with whom I can make any place

the almost heaven I look for.

The place laden by the beautiful

thoughts of our minds, filled with

the love of our hearts. Almost heaven

the place where a new life could blossom,

caressed and nestled in the bosom of my love.

Almost heaven in the cacophonous world

is where my mind takes me.

Almost heaven, that is where I want to be.




Life – a short story

“Hello” answered she when I called. A silence of happiness lingered in the moment. Even time bid goodbye. “Hello” answered she again. The smile seemed to stretch on my face.  “Hello” answered she again. Harsh she was this time  but yet mellow. The first drop of my tears gained momentum and fell. Tears rolled down the small crater on my cheeks created by my smile. “Who is it” yelled she, now. With nothing to speak all that she could probably hear was my heart, beating, pumping in love for her. This moment where I was lost in the beauty of her face, imagining if she were here beside me. “Is it you” spoke she and the moment came alive. Time seemed to have come by, giving me another chance. Chance to be with her. I could hear her say my name and say “please come home…”, I could hear the pain in her cry she had gone through without me. For I left her alone in the world. Helpless I was, helpless I am for time took away something which belonged to her, from me. “I can never return” I said crying in pain. “I am sorry” I said and hung the phone. For she can live waiting for me, cursing me for I left her but can’t live if I die in her arms. Smiling with the ecstasy of listening to her I left the world with a hole in my heart which only belonged to her.

Her smile

Lit by the sullen light of the moon
hidden behind the gray clouds,
the air, had an eerie green glow.
Midst the flashy lights of a noisy winter street
without the wings of the fairy,
without the magical wand of the wizard,
she cast a spell, mystical in every sense.
The smile of a lifetime,
and its presence on her eyes.
Cocooning the feelings I had lived so far
awaiting to drift in wisps.
I was lost, drifted away.
Away from the lights and noise,
I saw us together and the sun
shining bright on us.
Her eyes said a million things,
none of which I could read.
Enchanted by her smile,
confused, trying to find the meanings
in her tacit smile.
I was drowned with her thought.
Blurred, saw her face glimmer.
I closed my eyes, to clear my sight,
but only to lose her.
I lost her before I could
open my heart and say
how much I loved her.
I couldn’t feel the pain though,
I was still numb, lost in her.
Back to the busy street
all I have is a memory, her smile.


With smile on your face

and the tears of happiness,

when you held me in your arms,

the joy you had must be divine.

With a power so divine,

you nurtured me to life,

you showed me a new world.

Holding my hand in every walk,

you understood me like no one else,

you made me what I am.

You love me like no one else does.

You don’t eat till I do,

you sleep when I do,

you pray for me all the time,

you love me like no one else does.

Oh! I am a fool to compare your love,

but that’s a truth for every one like you.

You are Mother, who is divine.

You are a life bearer,

whose love is unconditional.

You are the one we call with every breathe,

in every walk of life.

You love me like no one else does.

When he met her

When he met her


Although good from heart,

he never spoke a word.

He was cold. Lived in his own world.

Never knew how to carry

his feelings, until, her tears

lit a flame in his heart.

He was perplexed as to why

his cold heart felt heavier.

Not knowing what to do

to wipe the tears from her eyes,

he promised to stay by her side forever.

Holding her hand they walked

with smiles on their faces,

singing songs, sharing their feelings.

He learned the admiration she had for him.

Time started weaving

her name at the bottom of his heart.

With time they got closer.

But their relation was like the sand.

More they tried to hold it tight

between their hands it slipped away.

She was afraid when autumn comes

The breeze would blow away the sands.

And soon came autumn,

she knew, she had to bid him goodbye.

She had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face

And so did him when they bid a sweet goodbye.

One spring when he met her,

they were old then,

a silence lingered in the air.

He held her hand and

they walked again, singing songs with

smile on their faces,

sharing their feelings.

I see what I see. I am in love with love.

Compilation of my thoughts – 20/6/2012 in between 9:30 – 10:30 pm

154%, the size of the document I am typing in. 53%, the volume in the speakers of the lap I am using. Its 9:36 pm I am listening to one of my favorite music ‘Coming back to Life’ by David Gilmour from the Pink Floyd. Certain things around us always remain unnoticed in our eyes. So times we stare at the thing while we are focused on the thought, the thing remains unnoticed. Sometimes the same song seems endless to me and sometimes I sigh as it gets over before I even could enjoy it. But I cherish the song that plays right after it. It seems wonderful too. I often press the next button on the windows media player I use, to find the song I wanna listen to. Astonishingly I press next till my playlist gets over but never find the song. I then just press the play button and a random number plays and I like that. I don’t see rising sun as an inspiration. I see it as it is. I see it every day. And it never happened that it inspired me. Have I ever been inspired by something? Yes sometimes I felt so. Someone I know commented on one of my post the other day “Yoda speaks”. I had no idea of what he wrote. I typed yoda in Google search engine and hit enter.  Then came few alien faces from the star wars. I recollected the star wars, the great legacy of talks I heard bunch of guys back in school talk about. Star wars never interested me. And I never knew Yoda’s speak the way I write. So yoda, I am not. Sherlock Holmes, yes the character from Arthur Canon Doyle’s novel. Holmes didn’t keep any junk in his mind. He liked silence when he thought. Do you know our thoughts are ultrasonic? We can’t hear them even when we scream in our thoughts. Why is yellow considered to be a color for sadness, pale, misery? Why is the “inspiring” sun yellow? Chinese believe the river Hwang Ho, the yellow river, a cause for many miseries. This may be an answer for the former question. I don’t know. So many thoughts meander, so many wishes die, so many come true. Search for something unknown lingers in my heart. Finding the unknown is still the mystery. People say only the dreams are yours, so dream. Don’t ask me who the people are.  Determination and craziness takes you close to your dreams. I feel good when I write down the thoughts that meander in my mind. Why is that we are so weak that we can’t live alone? Everyone needs someone. Even the sages look for nirvana. We are all searching something, hunting for our lives. Why does the mind run in circles? Do we know what a mind is thinking? Do we know what a retarded really wants? How does a doctor even treat them when they don’t know what’s happening in the minds of a retard? Why does a movie get over? Why don’t they show what happens with the happy couple after a week? Why can’t happiness keep coming? Why do people say I love you? I love the word love. I love the feeling that I get after seeing the hero kissing the heroine at the end of the movie. If I could, I would freeze that moment. I see what I see. I am in love with love.


I see the rising sun
A hope of life to many
I trust its presence
Even though it’ll set
I pray to thee
To help me sail the day
I believe  in Him
Even though I can’t see
I see the people
Fighting for their existence
I smile, I look at me
For I am doing the same
I feel the breeze
I believe it will stay
Even though its always moving
It’s a day
Like any other, never tired
It keeps coming
You got to believe in it


Smile needs no introduction, no body and no conclusion. Its pure bliss. Look at them. I am sure they bring smile to your face too. After all smile is contagious. Did you smile today ?

  Photos Courtesy : Google Images, Collage: Picasa 3

two faces

you said time will heal
time has passed by
like it had to, healing the sorrows
then why do i still feel the pain
why do i call for you
when i know you aren’t listening
why do i miss you
when i know you aren’t gonna come back
like an old kite i glide in the sky
with the delusion of being sharp
flocking with the other birds
i live my life pleasing myself
for a new dawn to come
baffled by the fantasies which mind chooses
in order to fulfill its greedy thoughts
i cry for help without realizing how time has passed by
a new dawn is across the horizon
it calms my mind only for the moment
as i live the moment, the moment of my life
time fades it away
with a hollow heart carrying
nothing but ashes, ashes from the burning desire
of being together, together with you
i pretend to have found  what i want
i smile, i laugh, i drink, i play, i sleep
i see the world, i pray to Him to heal the sorrows
for the world has greater sorrows
i laugh at me
like i laughed at time
for time heals, it needs time
i fly like a bird today
free from the bondage of being tied
i feel my heart today
for i have realized what it needs
love and smile as i carry with me
i conquer the mind
i baffle the world with my thoughts, my wit, my smile
its a new day in the same life
life i learned to live with two faces. . .