Yo Frankie – Blender’s Open game

After the famous Open Movie Big Buck Bunny, premiered in April, 2008 the Blender Foundation proved its class with the Open Game, Yo Frankie.

Started under Project Apricot, the Open Game, in February 2008 it was published in September 2008. This time the target was to improve Blender as a tool in the game creation pipeline, using a level editor to the external engine Crystal Space. During the project also game creation and prototyping in Blender itself was added as a target.

Yo Frankie! was also executed in the Amsterdam studio of the Blender Institute. The game was delivered in both Blender Engine as in Crystal Space. The player controls evil rodent Frankie, who explores the forest seeking for other animals to harass.

So, game lovers go ahead and experience the beauty of Yo Frankie.
Download it and get going.

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