When he met her

When he met her


Although good from heart,

he never spoke a word.

He was cold. Lived in his own world.

Never knew how to carry

his feelings, until, her tears

lit a flame in his heart.

He was perplexed as to why

his cold heart felt heavier.

Not knowing what to do

to wipe the tears from her eyes,

he promised to stay by her side forever.

Holding her hand they walked

with smiles on their faces,

singing songs, sharing their feelings.

He learned the admiration she had for him.

Time started weaving

her name at the bottom of his heart.

With time they got closer.

But their relation was like the sand.

More they tried to hold it tight

between their hands it slipped away.

She was afraid when autumn comes

The breeze would blow away the sands.

And soon came autumn,

she knew, she had to bid him goodbye.

She had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face

And so did him when they bid a sweet goodbye.

One spring when he met her,

they were old then,

a silence lingered in the air.

He held her hand and

they walked again, singing songs with

smile on their faces,

sharing their feelings.



I see the rising sun
A hope of life to many
I trust its presence
Even though it’ll set
I pray to thee
To help me sail the day
I believe  in Him
Even though I can’t see
I see the people
Fighting for their existence
I smile, I look at me
For I am doing the same
I feel the breeze
I believe it will stay
Even though its always moving
It’s a day
Like any other, never tired
It keeps coming
You got to believe in it


Smile needs no introduction, no body and no conclusion. Its pure bliss. Look at them. I am sure they bring smile to your face too. After all smile is contagious. Did you smile today ?

  Photos Courtesy : Google Images, Collage: Picasa 3