Her smile

Lit by the sullen light of the moon
hidden behind the gray clouds,
the air, had an eerie green glow.
Midst the flashy lights of a noisy winter street
without the wings of the fairy,
without the magical wand of the wizard,
she cast a spell, mystical in every sense.
The smile of a lifetime,
and its presence on her eyes.
Cocooning the feelings I had lived so far
awaiting to drift in wisps.
I was lost, drifted away.
Away from the lights and noise,
I saw us together and the sun
shining bright on us.
Her eyes said a million things,
none of which I could read.
Enchanted by her smile,
confused, trying to find the meanings
in her tacit smile.
I was drowned with her thought.
Blurred, saw her face glimmer.
I closed my eyes, to clear my sight,
but only to lose her.
I lost her before I could
open my heart and say
how much I loved her.
I couldn’t feel the pain though,
I was still numb, lost in her.
Back to the busy street
all I have is a memory, her smile.


Smile needs no introduction, no body and no conclusion. Its pure bliss. Look at them. I am sure they bring smile to your face too. After all smile is contagious. Did you smile today ?

  Photos Courtesy : Google Images, Collage: Picasa 3