Sweet Memories of You

Hi folks!! This is song I intended to write. Though it didn’t come out so well as a song but these are true feelings for someone!!!. It is dedicated to all who believe in love. 🙂

I wanna write you a song

but I don’t know how.

Sweet memories of you

I don’t know how to put them down.

The day we first met,

the day we first kissed.

I walk down the memory lane

and it’s only sweet

Memories of you.

I wish we could stay together

and laugh at the sweet memories

when we grow old.

I wish you were here with me

And I would sing to you my feelings.

O girl I miss you a lot

And now I have to live with, only

Sweet memories of you.

But you don’t have to worry

Coz I’ll live with what I have

of ours we shared.

I meant every word I said and

Every word I’m sayin now

I’ll always be there for you

If you should need me.

You will always be here

In my heart with all the

Sweet memories of you.