The Road

Where shall you lead me to ?
I shall lead you where you want to be.
For I shall warn you, if you should follow me
follow me with no thought of how and why.
Follow me with love in heart,
follow me with trust in mind,
for I shall never digress you from where you want to be.
Don’t fear, for there shall be thorns on the way.
Don’t fear, for there shall be others with hatred.
Fear is the biggest enemy of you.
Fear weakens your heart and mind.
You are a soul whose mind is fickle.
You are a soul whose heart is bound to attachments.
Shun your fear and follow me with faith.
For I shall help you to learn what is wrong and
what is right on the path that you choose.
Don’t leave me, if you are caught in a turmoil, mind is strong.
Don’t leave me, if you submerge in the ocean of attachments, heart is big.
With love and faith step ahead and follow me.
Walk with me through the road what we know as Life.
Life is blissful. Life is full of love.
You are the one who has to make a choice.
For I shall never leave you if you should choose me.

the Krazy Mind!!

I am a totally messed up circuit,
with many dangling lines and
never ending loops.

Movies, games , thoughts- good and bad,
friends and foes, wisdom and gossips
all adds on to me making me
a chaotic hurricane.

Every thought increases the
level in my barometer by
a certain  degree but i still
remain as strong as a wall.

Sometimes i cry for rest by asking
you to sleep but the sub-conscious
never allows me to.

Thoughts creep in and out
like a busy terminal in New York.
Wish these could be stored
else where with only pointers
in me making me lighter.
But then who would
take up the job of
maintaining the links.

I am complicated.
A turmoil.
A weakness as well as strength for many.
But it is on you to control me.
Don’t let me  runaway
hold me tight in your arms,
flow in the silence of Bliss!!
and i will be all yours,
ever grateful
and then you will know
the mystery behind me.